We appreciate your support!

Ways You can help:

  1.   Come for lunch
  2.   Donate money
  3.   Become a regular Sponsor
  4.   Host a Food Drive
  5.   Spread the word
  6.   Volunteer (Register below)
  7.   LIKE us on Facebook
  8.   Follow us on Twitter

Volunteers are Greatly needed!
Join us to work for meals or just because you want to support our efforts to curb hunger and awareness in the community.

Click here to read Volunteer Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Destiny Community Cafe!

Please fill out the form below to notify us of your intent to volunteer.

*Please note that volunteers working in exchange for a meal are prioritized and will be given available spots first.

If you are an organization or a business that is interested in group volunteering please email DestinyCommunityCafe@yahoo.com

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