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After one year, Destiny Community Cafe is still going strong. The environment remains welcoming and community-oriented. They have added a Destiny Publication with inspiring messages from previous diners to promote customer interaction at the tables.

The cafe is open Monday-Friday during lunch hours 12-2PM and serves people from all walks of life in the Charleston Community.

A new way to dine. A new way to give back.

Destiny Community Cafe was founded by a local family who felt it was their destiny to open this unique community-style cafe.

You are provided with a delicious, nutritious and when possible, organic meal.
When you come in to eat a meal, you will be served your choice of a soup or salad, an entree veggies and a dessert.

There are no prices on the menu and you might have been seated with someone you don’t know. They suggest that you give a donation of $10 per meal if you can afford it. If you can give a little more, you are helping feed someone that may not be able to afford the donation. If you can not pay at all, you are asked to volunteer for your meal. Hours of operation are 12-2PM Monday – Friday and occasionally there’s a weekend or after hours fundraiser dinner with a guest chef or host restaurant sharing their menu.

When you come in to eat a meal, you will be served your choice of a soup or salad, an entree, veggies and a dessert.
Destiny Cafe clearly knows what they are doing in the hospitality department, and you are guaranteed a warm welcome when you walk through the door.

Destiny does what works for our community!

A sample of what you would be served is listed on the Destiny’s website, and includes soul food options such as a mixed green organic salads, homemade soups and stews, vegetarian prioleau rice, a baked pasta dish, or specialty sandwich, local veggies, fish on fridays, and your offered a fruit or baked dessert at the end of every meal.

Our pay-as-you-can, pay-it-forward model helps us to give people a hand up, not a hand out. When a person no longer has to worry about where their next meal is coming from, they have the power to begin to create the life they see for themselves.
At Destiny Community Cafe, we help them do this through the act of sharing a meal, which goes beyond just creating community. It is our mission to bring people from all walks of life together, serve them locally-sourced healthy food, and encourage them to communicate and connect.

Destiny is about honoring the humanity in each other, that which binds us to each other. We are about inclusion, regardless of status, education, or religious beliefs. It is about dignity and allowing those who cannot afford to pay for a meal the opportunity to volunteer in exchange for it. We never turn away a hungry person.
In addition to time, Destiny Café is grateful for donations of both monetary and services/materials.

Ways to Help Today:

1) Make a Difference Today! Donate! Online, by Mail or Stop by the Cafe. Destiny Donation Box is located just inside our Cafe and we add new names daily to our Newsletter to thank and honor our Community Supporters.
2) Have Lunch in the Cafe Monday-Friday 12am-2:00pm, and donate the suggested minimum $10 donation.
3) Volunteer ~ We have 19 shifts available daily and will find a fit that works for you. Volunteer positions range from cooking, expo, counter, sweeping, and rolling silver, to data entry, marketing and many others.

Other ways you can help:
We have a few immediate needs and some secondary needs:

Immediate Needs:
Convection Oven
Stove Top Removable Grill
Funds for a trailer food transport

Secondary Needs:
1: Reach-In Or Chest Freezer
1: Reach-In Refrigerator
Ladles, Whips, Whisks, Tongs and Spatulas
Mixing Bowls
Cutting Boards
Pots, Pans and Skillets
Lexan Storage Containers
Kitchen Cutlery and Butcher Knives
Disposable Gloves
Oven Mitts
Iron Black Patio Tables and Chairs
Shelving for Retail Sale Items
Clear Plastic Storage Bins

If you wish to make a fully tax-deductible donation, contact Ragina Saunders at
Make Checks Payable to: Destiny Community Cafe
Address: 5060 Dorchester Rd Suite 320, North Charleston SC 29418
Messaging Service: 1.888.415.2224 ext 2

Destiny Cafe goal is to make sure that everybody has access to healthy affordable food. There have also been several instances of volunteers getting valuable experience with the cafe and then moving on to find work in the food service industry. The cafe doesn’t just provide healthy meals, they also provide job training. It’s one more way that Destiny gives back to the community.